Enhancements to the Recurring Order for Magento 2


We have released few enhancements to our Recurring orders module. It is essentially a subscription feature for the products so that they can ordered again and again. These are products that a customer subscribes to instead of getting as a one-time purchase. Recurring orders are automatically placed on a regular basis.
For example- In such a case, the customer visits the site every week and places the order manually. With this Recurring Order extension, such customers can use it to create a subscription for the product. And the order will be placed automatically every week based on the frequency that they select.

The important features added to this extension are:-


  • Customers can view the subscription details from thier account
  • Customers can see the “Next Release Date” for their order
  • Subscription can be created for any number of products
  • The subscription can be created Simple and Configurable products in Magento


  • Admin can create a subscription for any customer
  • Admin can view the details for subscriptions of any customer
  • View the orders placed through the subscription.

Admin Grid for subscription orders

Admin can create subscriptions

Subscription for Confi

gurable products

Customer can see Next Release Date for the order

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