Recurring Order Extension for Magento 2

Hello People,

We are ready with the release of the first extension for Magento 2. The extension is called “Recurring Order”. The important features of this extension are:-

  1. You can add any number of products for subscription
  2. Subscription can be customised to any frequency which can be daily, weekly, monthly etc
  3. The subscription can be created for any shipping method
  4. The subscription is currently supported for Simple Products only
  5. The subscription can be created for offline payment methods only
  6. Easy to set up and install
  7. The extension is free to use

You can download the extension from this link

5 thoughts on “Recurring Order Extension for Magento 2

      1. Thanks for the fast reply! I’ll check it out, that will still work on Magento 2 but running PHP 5.6 will it?

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