Microdatabase SQL is here

Hello People,

We are excited to launch the Microdatabase SQL version now. This database will be like a regular database where you can do create, read, update and delete(CRUD) functionality.

  • The database comes with security features, as the data is encrypted
  • It supports 4 data types which are String, Integer, Float and Datetime
  • One useful feature is that while creating table you do not need to specify any primary key, the database will create that for you automatically
  • Feel free to download the evaluation version form the link below which will expire on 30 Nov 2017
  • Please leave your comments if you are interested to use the database after this date

The software is desgined for Linux, after downloading the file use the below commands

./microdb-sql password CHANGE newpassword
./microdb-sql password CREATE customer “{fname,string,100},{lname,string,100},{age,integer,3},{price,float,8},{date,datetime,19}”
./microdb-sql password SHOW ALL TABLES
./microdb-sql password SHOW customer
./microdb-sql password DROP customer
./microdb-sql password INSERT customer “Michael”,”Josh”,”31″,”100.14″,”12:12:2000 11:34:56″
./microdb-sql password VIEW customer COUNT
./microdb-sql password VIEW customer LIMIT 1,100
./microdb-sql password VIEW customer LIMIT 1,100 WHERE fname=”Michael”
./microdb-sql password UPDATE customer WHERE id=1 SET fname=”Mickael”
./microdb-sql password DELETE customer WHERE id=4



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