Microdatabase Server is out!

Microdatabase Server is a very innovative approach to database. Traditional servers like Mysql, PostgreSQL have to use another application server and a scripting language to create a consumable API. But Microdatabase server is database that creates API to the database on the fly. There is no need for an additional server to create APIs.

The above picture tells us the same thing, so the key features of the Microdatabase Server are:-

  • Create ready to use APIs which can be consumed by Web or Mobile Applications directly
  • No Need for an additional Application server like Apache, there by eliminating processing times of these servers
  • No Need to use a scripting language like Java, Python as the APIs are giving the data directly in the response from database
  • Specially for Mobile app developers this database will reduce the processing times to use API tremendously


Below are the list of APIs that can be used on the database server

http://localhost:8090/insert/customer/”Michael”,”Josh”,”31″,”100.14″,”12:12:2000 11:34:56″

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