What is udb (Microdatabase) NoSQL ?

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We would like to introduce you to the latest technology innovation by Pravams. And this time it is with the database. He has created u-db, where “u” stands for micro and “db” stands for database. So udb is microdatabase or microdb.

udb is a noSql database. So it is based on key-value pair storage in the database. Here are some of the striking features that this database offers. udb runs on Linux platform.

  1. High Security

    The database comes with a password protection. So your data is secure. Also the database is encrypted, so that no one can view the database contents without a password.

  2. Easy to Use

    It does not use any client-server architecture, it is just a program that does the job of a noSql database. No need to start or stop server.

  3. Small Size

    The software is just 20KB in size, so it does not take too much space on the hard disk.

  4. Free to Use

    Here is the best part, this software is free to use, so go ahead and use it in your eCommerce site or blog to improve page loading speed or use it as a database to store data.

Feel free to download this database and use it and let us know your thoughts.


After downloading the file.

command to change the password
./microdb password CHANGE newpassword

command to insert a key-value pair
./microdb password SAVE key value

command to retrieve a key value
./microdb password SHOW key



Team Pravams!




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