B2B Extension for Magento 2

Hello Friends,

After months of hard work, I am releasing the first version of the B2B extension for Magento 2 that enables wholesale features.

This Bulk Order extension enables wholesale or B2B purchases. It allows the merchants to add multiple suppliers to their website. So, if you are selling electronic products online and there is another businessman who wants to sell the same product or a different one with better pricing, this can be done. This is known as “Drop Shipping”.

From the customer side, they will get to see that the same product is being offered by multiple suppliers. They will be able to request a quotation from each supplier and ask any questions or comments that they may have regarding the product.

Suppliers then login to the admin, and provide a custom price and qty for the product. The customer will then receive multiple quotations from different suppliers. He can then choose a particular supplier and create an order from his quotation. This order placed by the customer will be fulfilled by the selected supplier from his warehouse. The supplier can add more products or update stocks of them through the admin.

Business Value

  • Wholesale Purchase: This would allow customers to make a wholesale purchase of costly products or those that are ordered in bulk. And require quotations from multiple suppliers or vendors.
  • Drop Shipping: This allows you to collaborate with other businesses to sell their products from your website.
  • Customer-Friendly: From the customer perspective, he gets to choose from multiple suppliers. So it gives the freedom of choice and comfort to select their favorite supplier.


Front End:

  • Receive multiple quotations from suppliers for the same product.
  • Ask questions from Supplier regarding the product, shipping, delivery or any other details.
  • Choose from multiple quotations and create an Order.
  • Supports all product types Simple, Configurable, Downloadable, Virtual, Grouped and Bundled.
  • Supports all shipping methods.
  • Supports all payment methods.

Admin Back End:

  • Admin can create any number of Suppliers from the backend.
  • Suppliers can view the quotation requests from the Customer and provide custom pricing and qty for the products.
  • Suppliers can upload their products separately.
  • Suppliers can update the stock from their warehouse independently.
  • Suppliers can view the orders placed from their quotations.
  • Suppliers can create Invoice and Shipment for the orders placed.


The extension can be downloaded from this link

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